Christmas 2017




CHRISTMAS IS HERE! and I looooooove this year’s Christmas tree. Originally I wanted to go with silver, red, and teal colors, but I decided to omit the teal color since it is such a unique color to be able to reuse in years to come. One thing I do every year is to buy a “center of attention” ornament. last year I had the birds and their nestΒ . This year I gave the “center of attention” to the cars, my absolute favorite ornament. Β even this year’s Christmas cards are the car with a Christmas tree on top πŸ™‚ another different thing I did with the Christmas tree is that I added eucalyptus branches. They have always been my favorite. I actually had a blog posted on them. (Check it out here). Majority of my decor is from previous years. you will notice it in my previous Christmas blogs. I try not to spend money every year however when I buy new decor, I make sure that I pick them carefully and that I absolutely love them so I can reuse them through out years.

I tried to tag most of the decor but if you need to know where I got a specific item, leave a comment on the blog or message me on instagram and I will get back to you πŸ™‚


Melina xoxo

Christmas Tree (Michaels) / Christmas Tree Star (Target) / Chair Ornament (Walmart) / Doll Ornament Similar (Target) / Car Ornament (Target) / Hanging Stems (Michaels) / Glass Globe Ornament (Home Goods) / Christmas Tree, Pinecone Candles (Crate and Barrel) / Pillows (Pottery Barn) / Sectionals (Ikea) / Coffee Table (Pottery Barn) / Table Lamp (Pottery Barn), Acorns Inside the Lamp (Crate and barrel) or Cranberry (Pottery Barn) / Christmas Cards (Home Goods)


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