Best 17 of 2017

1- saw a double rainbow 2- made my Easter eggs from nature 3- made my first aรงaรญ bowl and was awesome 4- started volunteering at CCV 5- started my 5 minute journal 6- my first gel nails 7- met Lucciano the turtle. 8- my trip to mount Tam 9- got my CPR certification from CCV … Continue reading Best 17 of 2017


Comfy Cozy Sweater

Hello Loves, I had to share with your this comfy cozy sweater I just got from Anthropology.ย I was waiting for it for couple months to go on sale and finally I was at the store the other day and I just happen to see it and the price dropped from $118 to $35 so I … Continue reading Comfy Cozy Sweater


Hello my friends, Summer is near and what better thing to do than cooling off with something sweet, healthy and colorful... WATERMELON ๐Ÿ™‚ I love watermelon. the color, the taste , the can cut them up and eat them. You can make different juices with them. Great for fruit presentations on the table when … Continue reading Watermelonย 

A Few of My Favorite Things

ย  ย  Hello my friends, So today I'm going over some of my favorite things that I use all the time and even when I'm traveling I take them with me. They are my must have items in my bag. 1- Ugg robe It's my comfy robe. It's very soft and warm. It's perfect for … Continue reading A Few of My Favorite Things