My First Scary Mammogram Experience

It took me a lot of courage and going back and forth to decide wether I should post this because it is very personal to me but then I realize that there are so many women out there my age that might be going through something similar as I did and even though my blog … Continue reading My First Scary Mammogram Experience


He is Risen

Happy Easter everyone I am couple weeks late on posting this but I wanted to show you guys this new trick I've learned on coloring the Easter eggs. Its super fun and easy. However my eggs didn't come out as bright as I expected. Technical difficulties perhapsย lol. but still they came out lilac color which … Continue reading He is Risen

Heaven on Earth (Mount Tamalpais)

Mount Tamalpais Amphitheater long time no see... Yet another trip to San Fransisco. Out of all the trips I've had to SF, this one was my favorite. We Usually get lazy and stay home or go for walks to downtown but this time we decided to go hiking. Honestly living in Arizona for the past … Continue reading Heaven on Earth (Mount Tamalpais)

“Dada Baris” Salad

Hello dear readers, what most of you don't know that my family and I lived in a bed and breakfast place for 3 months back in 1990 because our home was destroyed in a 7.4 earthquake. lots of sad memories comes to mind thinking back. lost a lot of our friends, damage to our home … Continue reading “Dada Baris” Salad

Comfy Cozy Sweater

Hello Loves, I had to share with your this comfy cozy sweater I just got from Anthropology.ย I was waiting for it for couple months to go on sale and finally I was at the store the other day and I just happen to see it and the price dropped from $118 to $35 so I … Continue reading Comfy Cozy Sweater

Eucalyptus Garland

Hello my friends Today on the blog I will be telling you how to make a Eucalyptus garland as decoration anywhere in your home. all you need for this project is wood branches, Eucalyptus branches and Stem wires. The project is very simple. First, hold the wood branches together with the wires and wrap them … Continue reading Eucalyptus Garland

Best 16 of 2016

Hello my friends, I'm super excited to start the new year. I have a great feeling about 2107 and I feel like some of my old and new dreams are gonna come true and I'm planning to accomplish new things in this coming year. After all 7 is my number lol. I'm gonna blog about … Continue reading Best 16 of 2016

Christmas 2015

Hello my Friends, This blog is gonna be short and sweet. Posted last year's Christmas decorations for fun. most of the stuff in the pictures are the same stuff I used this year and my red ornaments are from Target. Christmas is approaching in couple days and i hope you all have a great time … Continue reading Christmas 2015

Christmas 2016

Hello my friends, welcome to my home. I always say simplicity is everything. Ive always loved decorating. I got more into it when I started living onย my own and started having an obsession for Pottery Over the years I have learned how to reuse some of my decorations from season to season so I … Continue reading Christmas 2016

Assyrian Dolma (stuffed veggies)

Hello my friends, I like to share one of my favorite Assyrian dishes. I gotta be honest with you, I was pretty proud to be able to pull this off. Preparation alone takes a long time. Usually, when my mom comes in town, she is the one making it. It is one of those mommy … Continue reading Assyrian Dolma (stuffed veggies)